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City & Surroundings

Nuremberg and the metropolitan area have a lot to offer to the interested visitor.

Nuremberg City

Nuremberg has played an important part in German history and there are many historic sites to visit.

In the Middle Ages, Nuremberg rose from a small settlement to a fortified city and an imperial palace, and became an imperial free city in 1219. Three castles were built on Nuremberg's castle rock, close to the conference site, of which the Kaiserburg (map) is the best preserved one. Descending from the castle to the Hauptmarkt (central market), one passes the town hall with the medieval dungeons (map) underneath. At and around the central market, there are several other sights to visit: The Schöne Brunnen (map) (Beautiful Fountain) is located in the north-west of the market place, with its seamless ring of copper that is said to make wishes come true. North-west of the central market lies St. Sebaldus Church (map), Nuremberg's most important church from a cultural-historical point of view. Also worth visiting is the Frauenkirche (map) (Our Lady's Church), Franconia's oldest hall church. Information on more sights is available on the websites of the city of Nuremberg.

Nuremberg was also a place of great significance during the Third Reich. A large area in the south-east of Nuremberg, the Reichsparteitagsgelände (map) (Nazi Party Rally Grounds), was set up as a stage for the Nazi Party Rallies. The area contains the remains of several important pieces of Nazi architecture such as the Congress Hall, which was constructed on the model of the Roman Coliseum but never completed, the Zeppelin Tribune and the Great Road. A documentation centre has been opened in the north-west wing of the Congress Hall. The Nazi Party Rally Grounds area is also a nice place to take a walk, with several cafes located along the trail around the Dutzenteich Lake.

Find about more about Nuremberg on the Nuremberg tourist information websites.

Outlet Stores in Herzogenaurach

The birthplace of Adi and Rudolf Dassler, the small town of Herzogenaurach near Erlangen is also the origin of the two major German manufacturers of sports equipment - Adidas and Puma.

Hence, you can also find some very attractive shopping opportunities there, especially the outlet stores of Adidas and Puma themselves. You can, however, also find other outlet stores in the vicinity. There is the shop "Sport Hoffmann", which also houses a "Nike Factory Store" and the "Team Sport Outlet".