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[06 Apr 09]  Thanks to all attendees for contributing to a great EuroSys 2009 conference. It was a pleasure having you all in Nuremberg!

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Workshop Programmes

For general requests regarding the EuroSys 2009 workshops, please contact the Workshops Co-Chairs Olaf Spinczyk and Franz Hauck. The workshop programmes will be included here when they are ready.

Important: If you plan to attend one of the workshops, please inform the respective workshop organiser(s) by e-mail in addition to the actual registration.

Important dates:

Doctoral workshop submission due: 12th January 2009
General submission deadline: 19th January 2009 *
IIES 2009 submission due: 26th January 2009 (extended)
HPCVirt 2009 submission due: 30th January 2009
SNS 2009 submission due: 23rd February 2009 (extended)
* Attention: unless defined differently by workshop organizers.

Workshops / Tutorials: 31st March 2009

EuroSys’09, the European Conference on Computer Systems, will host seven workshops:

  3rd EuroSys Doctoral Workshop Summary Website
WDDDM 2009 3rd Workshop on Dependable Distributed Data Management Summary Website
SNS 2009 2nd Workshop on Social Network Systems Summary Website
IIES 2009 2nd Workshop on Isolation and Integration in Embedded Systems Summary Website
VTDS 2009 Workshop on Virtualization Technology for Dependable Systems Summary Website
HPCVirt 2009 3rd Workshop on System-Level Virtualization for High Performance Computing Summary Website
EUROSEC 2009 Workshop on Systems Security Summary Website

3rd EuroSys Doctoral Workshop


Andrew Baumann, ETH Zurich (prim. contact)
Rachid Guerraoui, EPFL
Steve Hand, University of Cambridge
Emre Kıcıman, Microsoft Research, Redmond
Dushyanth Narayanan, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
Klaus Wehrle, RWTH Aachen

This full-day doctoral workshop, held on the day before the main EuroSys 2009 program, will provide a forum for students to present their PhD work and receive constructive feedback and general advice from experts in the field as well as peers. Invited speakers and panel discussions will address common challenges and general advice for PhD students. To ensure a productive, discussion-oriented environment, attendance will be limited to about 30 participants. We anticipate most participants to be current PhD students who have selected a clear research topic, but who are still early in their research process. Research topics of interest include "systems" work in the broadest sense, including work on formal foundations, as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of real systems.

3rd Workshop on Dependable Distributed Data Management
(WDDDM 2009)


Martin Kersten, University of Amsterdam
Rui Oliveira, Universidade do Minho (prim. contact)
José Pereira, Universidade do Minho
Calton Pu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Peter Toft, HP Labs Bristol

Relational databases have been for a long time the keystone of information systems’ dependability. There is however a growing call for unprecedented levels of scalability that challenges traditional data management architectures, namely, to cope with cloud computing and peer-to-peer systems. A major trend in all such emerging proposals, with a profound impact in dependability, is that large scale distribution is a core assumption in their design. The goal of the workshop is thus to bring together researchers and practition- ers from systems, database and dependability communities to discuss the current state of the art, pending challenges and trends, and novel solutions in the design, implementation and deployment of distributed and dependable data management systems.

2nd Workshop on Social Network Systems
(SNS 2009)


Lex Stein, Facebook (prim. contact)

Online social networks are among the most popular websites and continue to grow rapidly. This workshop will gather researchers to explore the challenges and opportunities of social networks from the perspective of computer systems design. The workshop topics will include; how can databases, operating systems, and file systems be improved (performance, security, and robustness) for social networks? how can social graph knowledge be used to improve computer systems?, and what have we learned from existing deployed systems and does this lead to models and characterization? The workshop emphasizes novel and exploratory work.

2nd Workshop on Isolation and Integration in Embedded Systems
(IIES 2009)


Michael Engel, TU Dortmund (prim. contact)
Jörg Nolte, BTU Cottbus

Embedded systems developers today are confronted with a large variety of challenges in the design and implementation of systems. Issues like co-location of applications, platform integration of different operating environments as well as safety and protection of embedded software systems require novel approaches to embedded systems development as well as adaptation of technologies from mainframe and desktop computing, like virtualization and emulation. This will change traditional embedded design processes to include hardware and software of growing complexity.

This second edition of the IIES workshop aims at a lively discussion of novel approaches in isolation and integration of embedded systems and the associated challenges and prospects.

Workshop on Virtualization Technology for Dependable Systems
(VTDS 2009)


Rüdiger Kapitza, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Hans P. Reiser, Universidade de Lisboa (prim. contact)

This workshop is intended to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences on the use of virtualization technologies (VT) for constructing dependable systems. The workshop will be specially interested in highly available, resilient, and intrusion-tolerant systems. It will centre around questions such as: How to build such systems using virtualization? Can virtualization help to increase dependability? How to analyse and verify VT-based dependable systems? The workshop aims to bring together researchers in these areas to present recent results, discuss the steps needed for deploying VT-based dependable systems in practice, and analyse open problems that still need research.

3rd Workshop on System-Level Virtualization for High Performance Computing
(HPCVirt 2009)


Stephen L. Scott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Geoffroy Vallee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (prim. contact)

The emergence of virtualization enabled hardware, such as the latest generation AMD and Intel processors, has raised significant interest in High Performance Computing (HPC) community. In particular, system-level virtualization provides an opportunity to advance the design and development of operating systems, programming environments, administration practices, and resource management tools. This leads to some potential research topics for HPC, such as failure tolerance, system management, and solution for application porting to new HPC platforms.

The workshop on System-level Virtualization for HPC (HPCVirt 2009) is intended to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences on the use of virtualization technologies for HPC, the challenges and opportunities offered by the development of system-level virtualization solutions themselves, as well as case studies in the application of system-level virtualization in HPC.

Workshop on Systems Security
(EUROSEC 2009)


Manuel Costa, Microsoft Research Cambridge
Evangelos Merkatos, FORTH-ICS and University of Crete (prim. contact)

EuroSec is a workshop associated with the Annual ACM SIGOPS EuroSys conference. The workshop aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, system administrators, system programmers, and others interested in the latest advances in the security of computer systems and networks. The focus of the workshop is on novel, practical, systems-oriented work.